Updated to v1.0

Updated HR web version to v1.0 with the following changes:

  • Added 4 new challenge fights after Story Mode is beaten. * WARNING: THESE CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT AND NOT FOR EVERYONE * 
  • Options: 
  • added more window size options, up to 4k 
  • expanded "Start Naked" option to include starting fight fully nude 
  • Added new "RNG Girl" option which optionally allows RNG girls to have ears/tails/wings/exotic colors 
  • ^ This affects the Service NPCS in Story/Adventure Mode as well Added new graphics option to hide ropes on the ring 
  • Added new graphics option to hide the background audience 
  • Added new graphics option to hide various UI elements, up to "Extreme" which hides everything 
  • Added a new "Pause" key - default: "P" 
  • Added 3 new exhibition modes: "KO Match","H Match", and "Infinite" 
  • Added "Lactation" options - "off," "on," "always," and "lots" under Options - Gameplay. 
  • Added separate sound volume controllers for "Crowds" (used to be same as BGM) 
  • Reworked "Alchemist" and "Fashion Designer" to allow for a slightly more controled approached of rolling colors. 
  • Greatly increased the chance, but without guaranteeing, that trainers will teaches something the player doesn't already know 
  • Added "Always On" option for futa dicks (patreon only) 
  • Added cum animation for when a futa cums from a H-move 
  • Nipples are now more visible 
  • Changed the move selection menu (<SPECIAL> key when grabbing). It is now separated into 4 pages with each page showing different moves available the player 
  • Move customization screen is now tighter so no moves will be cutoff when the Player learnt many moves 
  • Fixed bug that caused CHA wasn't giving protection against H-moves 
  • Fixed incorrect dialogue by NPC stating things are free when they aren't 
  • Removed incorrect controls tooltip - "return to grab" 
  • Increased Lewds gain for wining rematches against story mode opponents 
  • Increased Dex strip speed bonus from 10% per pt to 25% per pt 
  • Girls are less likely to pick H-moves when SFW mode is on 
  • Doubled lewds gain from defeating the boss in Adv Mode 

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