Heroine Rumble is a 3D action yuri/futa wrestling game where you try to out sex each other in the ring. You have total control over your character(s). Train her stronger with the Lewds dropped by enemies or from winning matches, fill her repertoire with all kind of lewd moves, dress her up to your liking, or even transform her body with unspeakable lewd methods. And finally, decide her fate.


  • Fully animated
  • Yuri focused, with optional futa
  • Over 50 unique "positions"
  • Story Mode with character progression
  • Destructible and customizeable outfits
  • Build your own character. Don't like the default girl appearance, moveset, color or outfit? No problem. Make your own!
  • Difficulty settings + extensive custom exhibition modes - 1v1, 2v2, 1v3, 4v4  and more.
  • Adjustable controls, graphics options, sound options.

Recommended to play the web version on Chrome, but it should work on Firefox as well.

It is a 3D game and it may take a while to load all the assets. If it freezes, try reloading the page.

Game window size and controls are customizeable in-game under options. 

Offline version is available at Patreon.

There is also a game play guide here.

Published Jul 05, 2017
GenreAction, Fighting
TagsAction RPG, adult, erotic, futa, hentai, nsfw, porn, wrest, yuri
Average sessionA few seconds

Development log


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it works on my phone but i cant do anything but on my comp. it stops at 163 and stays there 

how can I save the game

Its not even loading or working for me help

web version 1.0 stops loading at 162/163 on itch client... 

Will there be an option to reset the stat points?


What is sfw?


SFW mode turns off all sexual content. If you're playing H games, you should know that lol

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The game stops launching at 155/156 if using the Itch.io client. Maybe this is intentional. 


Not the webpage, the itch.io client. 

That may be the case. I have not tested the itch.io client.

Alright, thanks for responding. 

I can not get into the game like I can